Rethimno Prefecture

Charming Rethymnon is the smallest prefecture on the island with easy and quick access to the beauties of the South. Its symbol is the Fortezza, the old Venecian Castle, which welcomes you when you arrive by boat. It is the only city in Crete, which has its own endless golden beach, along which lies the new part of the big hotels.

Near the capital, you will find beautiful coves for swimming, but in the south you expect some of the most beautiful beaches of Greece (Triopetra, Agia Fotini, Agios Pavlos). Traditional guesthouses and farms can be found in the hinterland of the county (Axos, Margarites, Panormos), discovering the natural beauty and characteristics of the villages (International Agency for the Margarites pottery, handmade organic «RETHYMNIAKOU beer» from a German at Armenous) .

Plakias and Agia Galini are places prefered by families, while the region of Preveli’s lake will charm you with one of the most exotic, «postcard» landscapes of Crete. Among the villages around the mountain Krioneritis, at Kouroupis and Siderotas you will see the most amazing sunsets to the Libyan Sea.

To lifestyle of the city

The best way to arrive to Rethymnon is by ship. The castle of Fortezza welcomes you with its imposing volume rising near to the port. The Venetian harbor is small, with some cafes and many restaurants on it.

At its back stretches the captivating old town. Although the new city attracts the interest because of the vast golden sandy beach (behind, along the coastal road there are hotels filled with Scandinavian, French, Italian and Russian tourists), all guests of Rethymno spend most of their time at the old town.

Tourist shops spread in the narrow streets of the old town and its charm invites you to walk along its streets. Tourists and Greeks mix at Petihaki Square, the central point of the old city. Explore the adjacent streets Arampatzoglou, Epimenidou, Bernard, Xanthoudidou, Radamanthyos, Nikiforos Fokas and Klidi. In those streets you can see the most beautiful mansions, but in the sepia tones with wooden windows, many of them were built during the Renaissance period and other from the Venetian area.

Arcadiou street is the largest street of the old town, the heart of the market, with beautiful shops of all kinds. The traffic is intense every day, but those who reach the end of the street will admire the restored Loggia (16th century), which once housed the meetings of the Venetian nobles. The narrow streets of Souli, just behind Arcadiou street, there are concentrated jewelers worth visiting. You cannot leave the city without going up to visit Fortezza. Without being fully restored all the rooms, the fort continues to impress.

Early afternoon people sit at the cafe bars in Petihaki Square (next to the port), which has become the most busy bar street of Rethymnon. During the evening and until late at night all the clubs of the port are crowdy.

The best beaches
Those who want to avoid the crowded beach of Rethymnon, rush to the beach of Episkopi, in the west. Amazing small bays with crystal clear water you will find at Geropotamos. Fans of diving will go to the fishing village of Bali to be able to enjoy their favorite sport.

At Beach Prevelli you can enjoy the lovely palms of Kourtaliotis river but it becomes very crowdy at times.

You will also visit wonderful sandy beaches east of Plakias, where the waters are crystal clear (Damnoni, Ammoudaki, Amoudi and Shinaria).

One of the most spectacular beaches all over Crete, is the Triopetra, with distinctive large rocks at one end, which will amaze you: vast, paved with fine gray gravel, and magic, deep waters of the Libyan.

Little surprise and a beach that Cretans want to keep for themselves: the beautiful bay of Agia Fotini, where you’ll find a great fish taverna. The beach of Agios Pavlos, is prefered by the yogies for its golden sand and mysterious aura energy.

Excursions and walks
Argiroupolis will cool down the of the crystal waters that descend from the mountain springs.

A walk up the historical Anogia nesting on Psiloritis mountain will bring you near one of the most proud of «races» of Crete.

Ten kilometers from Rethymno awaits the beautiful Venetian village Maroulas, offering wonderful views across the town of Rethymno.

Municipality of Rethymno … … … … … … … … 2831088301
District … … … … … … … … … … … … … … 2831057625
Police … … … … … … … … … … … … … … . 2831022289
Tourist Police … … … … … … … … … … … … 2831053450
Port … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … 2831022276
Rethymnon Hospital … … … … … … … … … … 2831027493



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