Myrtos: Calm sea at Libyan Sea

While your feet will touch the gray sand of the Libyan Sea and your eyes will see the blue waters, then you will know that you are at the beautiful Myrtos village.

Myrtos beachMyrtos is a quiet seaside village on a small bay of south Crete, 14 kilometers from Ierapetra. The village lies along the sea and blends perfectly with the environment. The beach is one of the best in the region, with gray sand and blue water where you can enjoy the crystal clear sea. There are taverns and cafes beside the beach. You will find organized infrastructure with umbrellas, sunbeds and water sports. The area is not affected by the strong winds and as locals say, the Myrtos is the place where it never blows.

At the village Tertsa which is west of Myrtos at a distance of 4 kilometers, you can find several beaches where you will be by yourself and enjoy the serenity of the landscape, the sun and crystal clear waters without any comfort of an organized beach.

At Myrtos you will spend your days at the beach, you will drink your coffee while gazing at the sea and the evening you will enjoy the food, wine and raki on tavernas by the sea, into the village or at your hotel.

Myrtos village roadWalking along the narrow streets of Myrtos you will see images you can see in a few places. The white houses, blue windows, the white mulberry, the courtyards of the houses with all sorts of plants and flowers planted in gardens, in pots and jars.

The Myrtos has a history of thousands of years and was inhabited by the Minoans around 2800-2000 BC.

Near the Myrto there are the excavated findings of two important Minoan settlements: «Fournou Korifi», which is from the earliest ancient settlements in Crete, and «Pyrgos» which is later in time.

To visit the Minoan settlement «Pyrgos» you will take the path that runs beside the river, taking the road to Ierapetra. You will need about 30 minutes to climb to the top of the hill, where there are the excavated houses of the Minoans.

«Fournou Korifi» is located 3.5 kilometers east but you can not enter the archaeological site.

A walk in Chrysi Island
Take a day to visit Ierapetra and you can take the boat to Crysi island, with cedar trees and tropical beaches with pink sand (read details at the blog’s relevant page).

Source: ETHNOS newspaper



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