Coastal Villages

Falasarna on map of CreteFalassarna

Falasarna beach Extraordinary beach with shale-like rock platforms and some stretches of smooth gentle sand. When it is windy, Falasarna feels it, but this is a rarely-crowded and spacious beach area. Combining a few neat and appealing small modern hotels with some casual relics, a handful of separated beachfront cafes and tavernas. There are great fans of Falasarna as well as those who find it ill-defined, but well worth visiting as another open-space natural beach area unlike any other in Crete. A brief jaunt from Kissamos (Kastelli) and easy to visit from Chania.

Kato ZakrosKato Zakros on map of Crete

Kato ZakrosA beach place that’s simple but also has a Minoan Palace Archaeological site to boot. Wonderful warm sea swimming which is busy in the day, perhaps, calm and soothing at night.

KeratokambosKeratokambos on map of Crete

KeratokambosBeach and sea. Fresh fish in tavernas. Spectacular mountain scenery nearby.
Explore. Relax, swim, read, write or paint or just spend quality time with someone special. A favourite place with Greek and foreign tourists.

LentasLentas on map of Crete

LentasA small friendly place reached by descending a steep and spectacular winding road, with no large hotels. A few cafes and tavernas. A small pebbly beach, and a steep background give this small place atmosphere. As it is quite popular it is often best to book accommodation in advance. Some spectacular sandy beaches are a moderate walk away, including Dytiko beach which has tavernas on its long sandy beach – popular nudist beach.

LoutroLoutro on map of Crete

LoutroA unique placewithout cars and any kind of vehicles. The perfect place to relax, walk, hike, select your beach for the day! Many places to stay. A gem on the south coast of Crete. Read a book, paddle in a canoe, gaze at the mountains and the sea, but above all rejuvenate!

Made Made on map of Crete

MadeIt is very close to Heraklion, Crete’s biggest town, but far in feeling. A sandy beach, a small bay – apartments if you need and a big hotel. There are bars with food beside the beach. People visit it by car but not by bus! Neighbouring beach called Lygaria, has one of the most sheltered beaches. Lygaria has several waterfront tavernas.

Mochlos on map of CreteMochlos

MochlosA fishing village, separated from nearby places by a steep road, winding gently down from the National highway. There are tavernas in a perfect waterfront setting, serving great food. It is a small friendly village, with a small sandy beach and some rock swimming platforms. The view of the tiny islet opposite with it’s archaeological remains, which one many swim to, adds to the quiet appeal. Most places to stay have view to the sea. A place which is known for its mild winter temperatures.

Tsoutsouras on map of CreteTsoutsouros

TsoutsourosA busier beach, popular with local and foreign tourists. Several apartments and domatia, tavernas and cafes and a busy beach.

Xerokambos on map of CreteXerokambos

XerokambosQuiet, uncrowded, holiday on the beach where one can Swim, sunbathe, hike, cave, walk, relax.
Entertainment is something you make for yourself.



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