Aρόλιθος – Arolithos

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Το μουσείο Αγροτικής Ιστορίας και Λαϊκής Τέχνης Αρόλιθος βρίσκεται 10 Km έξω από το Ηράκλειο στο δρόμο προς τα Ανώγεια. Είναι τμήμα ενός «ιδιωτικού» χωριού, το οποίο έχει και ξενοδοχείο και εστιατόριο.
Περισσότερες λεπτομέρειες στη σελίδα του χωριού Αρόλιθος και του Μουσείου.

…….. English version ……..

Arolithos is a private own village 10 Km from Heraklion on the way towards Anogia. Actually it is an open air Museum of a traditional Cretan village that has a Hotel, a restaurant and a museum of Agricultural History and Popular Art. You will find all the relevant details about it at the site of the village.

In the following two videos you can see kids visiting the Museum and having the experience of a wedding as it was done in the past in Crete. Actually there are more than this educational activity for schools who can book and visit the museum and have a taste of traditions, on how the home was furnished and equipped, professions of the past, traditional outfit, seasonal traditions, or even how bread was (rather is) done at home.


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